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Memorial Day 2011

May 30, 2011 "Success"
___ By: Lita Phillips
The annual Veterans Memorial Service at the Veteran's Memorial Park was a success.
The event organized by David Armstrong every year, was begun with a prayer by Gary Grace.
Speakers were State Representative Myron Dossett and Ret. Col. Bob Freeman.

Patriotic songs:
"The Star Spangled Banner" by Ken and Kari Williams and
"God Bless America" by Miranda Hunt .

The changing of the flag was conducted by Bud Sims and Jimmy Grace.
The memorial wreath was donated by Teresa Young and
The plants in the park were donated by Jane and Terry Bowman.
Many thanks to Diane Putty and Sheryl Byrum for doing the landscaping along with Jane Bowman.
Also, donated for the occasion were two military vehicles belonging to Rodney Croft.
(Featured in the accompanying photos are Micah Crutcher and Logan Gorman.)
A special thanks to the ones who put up and took down the tents and brought in and took back the bleachers and put up and took down the sound system.

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