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Issue # 23 April/May 2011

Recently there were three accidents in three days at the intersection of highway 41 and highway 800. It is obviously a very busy place, and will be even more busy as the weather gets warmer and days are longer. More people will be using this intersection since 800 is the road that comes off the Parkway and 41 is the main old interstate that people like to travel to see the "old" road on vacations. It is great to see the business at the gas stations and restaurants near there, but these recent wrecks can serve to remind us to look twice or even three times before pulling out if you are on 800 and to slow down and watch if you are on old 41.
Heads Up
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Friends and Neighbors
Stephen Dunning (son of Kathy and Mose) is still undergoing treatments and his family asks for your continued prayers. Lawson Hooke is recovering from surgery at home, as is Billy Harrison. Chris McCord is recovering from a heart attack.
Thoughts and Prayers
. . . go to the family and friends of: Charles Lester, Elizabeth Sears, and Lowell Keys. If your loved one was not mentioned, please accept our apologies and let us know if you want their name listed. (
Church News
West Mt. Zoar Baptist Church, 7800 Mt. Zoar Rdl, will be holding services April 17th - 20th(?), with evangelist Daniel Couch. The pastor is Earl Grace and for more information call 839-2800.
A special Believer's Meeting is planned for the third Friday of every month at the Original Church of God on Rabbit Ridge Rd. at 7 pm. The pastor is Bro. Willie Trawick.
You Gotta Love...
You gotta love a town where there are lawn mowers and tractors right beside the cars and trucks in the parking lots.
Needing Work
Janie Holmes is looking for a position sitting with the elderly. You may call her at 424-5655 or 987-1361 in the daytime.
Terry "Sue Cat" Cook and Matt Crick won the 2011 2-day USA Bassin' Tracker Cup Classic Bass Tournament held on Kentucky Lake on April 8-9. This tournament win earned them the title of National Champions for the year 2011. Terry says, "If you ever take a ride in a Ranger, you'll never forget it."
School News
We are proud of our 7 students who won a county wide poster and poem contest. There will be CATS testing from May 2nd - May 13th. After that testing they will be taking the Iowa test. Field days, award days, and graduation coming up soon.
Community News
This Saturday, April 16 th, is a very busy day in our area. The Amish Community Consignment Auction is planned to begin at 9 am at their center on west 800.. Also there will be an egg hunt at the park. And as most of you may know, it is also the first day of turkey season.
The Seniors Club meets the 2 nd Monday of every month at Gordon Park, at 6 pm. They have a potluck meal, music and fellowship. For more information call G. Ferguson at 424-8920. Looking ahead, the Crofton yard sale days will be the first of June, so start cleaning out those closets now.
City News
The city has reapplied for the "Safe Route to School" grant which would help us put in new sidewalks. They have also applied for a grant that would help provide new playground equipment.
For over a week now residents in the Crofton Area have been experiencing trouble with their cell phones. Some have no "bars" some have "bars" but still no service. Some can get through but then are cut off. One person said that when they called AT-T, they were told there was a tower problem and it would be fixed soon. Another person called AT-T and they were told that there was no tower problems in our area. There have been solar / magnetic storms lately but they are not just in our area of course. Just as the ice storm taught us to not take electricity for granted, this trouble can teach us to not take our easy communications for granted.
There's an app for that. Now the Kentucky Dept. of Homeland Security has an application that lets you easily report suspicious behavior directly to them. Perhaps there is a sleeper terrorist cell in Crofton, after all it is a sleepy little town; but the definition of terrorist is different for the government than it is for average citizens, so don't be surprised if having an antique gun collection, being active in veterans affairs, having a certain bumper sticker, or attending a tea party meeting puts someone on the watch list. As times get tough, communities need to band together to care and help, not point fingers.
Area businesses can not stay in business if we do not support them. Please, now that gas is so expensive, shop in Crofton! Most items of necessity are in our city limits. We want to grow and not become a ghost town!
The great turnout of family and friends for Mr. Mart's birthday celebration was appreciated. We are grateful to Judy Keys for the photos on our website and on her facebook.

Riddle Me This
Anthony Durham not only knew that Crofton used to have a 4H Building, but knew that it was across from where the Baptist Church is now. He remembers going in it. Here's an easy one that will be possible for the children to answer. When was our current post office built. Either tell the year or who was president at the time. Parents, don't tell them, see if they can "find" the answer for themselves! If you "find" the answer email
Remember Who?
Anthony Durham also was the first to answer correctly that the photo in the last issue was of the Johnson girls. But Dennis Cranor was also a winner because he not only knew the girls, he knew the year of the (51 ford) car and remembered riding in it. Thanks to all who guessed. Thanks to "Nookie" for the photo.
Make a happy home for the birds around your garden. Some experiments have shown that birdsong causes plants to grow and do well. Speaking of birds, this is the month to put out your hummingbird feeders. Even though the migration is in May, the scouts are out looking for the best eatin' spots right now. Also, coming next month, a special surprise at Gordon Park. Here's a hint: lepidopterae conlatio
Sister City
This editor is so grateful to the editor (and Crofton Community Club) in Crofton, Nebraska for the papers that they are sending. Their paper, the Crofton Journal, is a weekly paper and has much more content than ours. It is an encouragement and inspires new ideas to make our town better. By the way, if you have any ideas or want to be on the Betterment Committee, please write it down and take it to the city hall, or email This committee will be meeting next month and they want input from as many people as possible.
Gordon Park
Registration for the egg hunt begins at 10am. There are 3 age categories. The rain date is April 17 with registration at 1 pm. The Park committee would like to thank the following for donations: Crofton Christian Church, Dexter and Assoc. Steve Tribble, Putty Chropractic, United Southern Bank, Terry Bullock, Teresa's Flowers, Crofton Home and Auto, Anthony Durham, City of Crofton, Bowman's Greenhouse, Kenny Vaughn, Crofton Diner, Brandy's Restaurant, Crofton Pharmacy, Chef's Classic Pizza, Pennyrile Vault, Dairy Queen, Hughart and Beard, Brenda West, Saul's Market, Kelly Lacy and Wanda Hargis.
There will also be a Derby Breakfast at the Park on May 7th, from 7 am - 10 am. There will be eggs, bacon, sausage, country ham, biscuits, gravy, hasbrowns and drinks.
Also on May 13 th, another fish fry is planned to start at 5 pm, and end at 7:30 pm. Our thanks to the park committee for all their work to keep our park a great little park!

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